Life: Crime and Criminal Justice Essay

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Sense and Nonsense about Crime and Drugs by Sam Walker

Chapter 1

1. When did dramatic crime drop begin? In 2003 2. When did crime rates start to soar? 1963 3. Does the author see the crime rate drop as genuine?yes 4. Do criminologists have answers to crime drop?no 5. Does demography accurately predict rise and fall of crime rate? No 6. Does the rise and fall of crack do better? Yes because it correlates to violence 7. What is “evidence based” crime policy mean? This approach requires policies to be based on one of the most important developments of criminology(evidence). 8. Does this “innovation” reflect well or badly on how crime policy was made in the past? We’ll; The movement has added a refreshing, demanding element of rigor to policy debates. 9. Dare (Drug Abuse Resistance Education program) : does it work? NO 10. The Scared Straight program: does it work? No 11. What does it mean to say that a study has not been replicated or can’t be replicated? It is based on one study; it’s not valid. 12. What is a meta-analysis? The use of systematic review of studies. 13. Do most current crime proposal make sense? No; people do not correctly understand the nature of the crime problem in this country and how the criminal justice system works. 14. Why is it more “lethal crime” than “crime” in general, the big difference between America and other developed countries? It can probably be because America is free in a sense when compared to other countries, thus putting Americans at a higher risk of performing violent acts. 15. What is “bait and switch?” in criminal justice terms, the war on crime promised to attack violent crimes but has mainly resulted in the imprisonment of non- violent crime. 16. The number of people in prisons between 1970 and 2003 increased how many times? From 96 per 100,000 to 714. 17. How many people are in prison and jail combined? Over 4.6 million. 18. How many people were “under correctional supervision” by 2003?almost 7 million 19. Blacks are arrested disproportionately for drug offenses. Do blacks disproportionately use drugs? No 20. Are most black people who are arrested for drugs released, and what does that show? Yes, it shows that discrimination contributes to the crime problem 21. Does the author think the metaphor: WAR on Crime is reasonable. (Look up the word “metaphor” if you don’t know what it means). No; it raises unrealistic expectations by promising a “victory”. 22. The book doesn’t actually focus on all crimes but on two specific crimes. Which ones? Robbery and burglary. 23. What role does he see social and economic factors playing in the decline in crime? Don’t know 24. Do either liberals or conservatives understand crime and have good policies to combat it? Don’t know 25. What do conservatives “believe” works despite the lack of conclusive evidence does support it? What do liberals believe, also, without evidence? Death penalty deters crime 26. Name a few beliefs of the “Conservative Theology”. Envisions a world of discipline, emphasizes personal responsibility; criminal lack self- control. 27. What is specific deterrence, What is general deterrence. Specific: is directed at the individual offender whereas general is directed to the general population, teaching by example.

28. What is “liberal theology?” criminal behavior is a result of social influences such as the family, peer group, etc.

29. What is the difference between CRIMINAL LAW and CRIMINAL PROCEDURE? Criminal law is a set of rules governing everyones behavior whereas criminal procedure is a set of rules governing criminal justice officials.

30. Which one do conservatives care more about; which one do liberals care more about? Conservatives= criminal law’ liberals=criminal procedure

31. Does the author feel we have many good ideas about how to solve the crime problem? No

Chapter 2

1. How many