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Nicholas Wilcox
September 17, 2014
Honors Chemistry
Period 4 AP Chemistry Laboratory Report: Shipwrecked

The theoretical foundations of the experiment “Shipwrecked” would be that the situation is very dire and is very life threatening. In order to survive, they will have to use their past knowledge, wits, and the supplies available to construct a contraption that will purify the ocean water that contains saltwater and debris from the sailboat to make it edible in order to survive. They have just about reached 72 hours. Their time is limited, and in order to survive, they will need to make their decision and act upon it rapidly.
Our procedures for this were very brief yet detailed. First, we poured the sand and the saltwater into the coffee filter, which we made into a funnel, which then poured into the dropper which dropped the saltwater into the Erlenmeyer flask, leaving the sand deposits in the coffee filter. Second, we placed the Erlenmeyer flask filled with saltwater on the hot plate for a while, until all of the water had evaporated. Finally, we turned off the hot plate, waited for the Erlenmeyer flask to cool down, and then examined the excess salt that was left inside the Erlenmeyer flask. Density = m/V Density = 5.06g/5.00 mL = 1.012 g/mL

As the concentration increases, the density of the solution increases in a linear matter.
The purpose