Life Cycle Of Information Systems

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Management Information Systems
Life Cycle of Information Systems
Week 3 DB
American Intercontinental University
Richard E. Floyd
September 12, 2013

Systems development life cycles (SDLC) or Synchronous Data Links are utilized in project management. This conceptual model describes the stages involved in an information system development project. These stages begin at initial feasibility study and last through maintenance of the completed project. SDLC methodology follows the following steps:
The system is evaluated and deficiencies identified.
New system requirements are defined. Deficiencies noted must be addressed with specific proposals for improvements.
The proposed system is designed.
Development of the new system with the new components and programs obtained and installed.
New System is placed into service. It can be phased in and the old system gradually removed.
When the new system is up and running it should be exhaustively evaluated. I am the owner of Floyd’s Photography in Lumberton, NC. I must do some updating to how my employees keep track of their work hours. The old time clock system is outdated and creating problems in keeping accurate and readable time cards. My intentions are to incorporate Synchronous Data Links (SDLC) in my computer system so that the employees can go on line and clock in. I have ordered the software required to aid in accomplishing this task. I realize that it may take a little