Essay on Life Cycle of the Sperm and Egg

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This is a story about Spike and Edna and how they created new life. Spike is a sperm that is very excited about his day. Edna is an egg that feels like the luckiest egg ever. Spike and Edna both feel lucky because they were chosen for fertilization today. Spike and Edna are going to fertilize by combining together to create a new life. Edna has been waiting for this day since she was created in Katie’s ovaries while she was just a fetus. Edna was not the only egg created while Katie was a fetus. Edna is just one of five million other eggs but today is Edna’s lucky day. Today Edna has been chosen especially for fertilization. Spike has also been one of many to be chosen to participate in fertilization. Spike is just one of 500 million sperm …show more content…
Spike is so excited. His long journey to Edna has just begun. It is only about 6 or 7 inches to Katie’s fallopian tubes but he knows it is going to take him several hours to get there. Spike is an extremely good speed swimmer and Katie’s fallopian tubes are showing him prime fluids to swim in so he should make it there with no troubles. Spike did not know this but as he started to swim his long journey to the fallopian tubes, he started to change. The fluids in the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes caused him to change into something known as capacitated, which means he’s ready to fertilize Edna. Good thingfor Spike is that Edna has already experienced ovulation so once he gets to the fallopian tubes he won’t have to wait for her like some of his friends. Some of his friend sperm have waited for several days fortheir ovaries. Spike has so much energy because he is full of mitochondria. This mitochondria has helped him and about a hundred other sperm to reach Edna’s outside wall. Edna gets very excited because she knows that one of these sperm is Spike and he is going to fertilize her. All the sperm that are outside of Edna begin to drill their heads into Edna, it doesn’t hurt her though. Their drilling has cause Edna to turn clockwise. Spike is a smart sperm. He knows that Edna is cover in all kinds of nutrient cells that will make it hard for him to get in so he begins to