Life?: Debut Albums and Jessica Tobias Essay

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From Day one I told Jessica if she relapsed, I wouldn’t kick her out, I wouldn’t give up on her, but she would go into rehab if needed. I was VERY VERY stern on this. That I was going to help her stay clean and be better. She was so huggy. And said thank you. And Was genuine about it.

Jessica came to hang out with me and Jessica Tobias and a girl from work named Lisa on April 19th. This was the first time that the two of us had really spent any time together. I told her she could move in for those two weeks before may for free because I knew she was strapped.

I had been told she was a recovering addict, and I was scarred in the beginning that she would relapse and I wasn’t sure I wanted to have the dealings of that. After I had met her, she and I seemed like a good fit.

April 19, Jessica was in a great mood, we had all drank some fruit and vodka mixed and had a great time watching stupid videos on youtube. We were all getting a kick out of the “rape sloth” memes and just having a great time.
Jess had posted one of the memes on her facebook page, and not long after, Diane called Jess and was (according to Jess, it makes me laugh everytime I think of it) crazy yelling why would you joke about rape and dicks like that.

Jessica laughed it off and we all were up late and then went to bed.

From April 20th on, Jess gradually had moved her things in and had gone and gotten David. She said he was only going to stay for a few days if it was okay, because he had been kicked out of the half way house. She also said that Diane hated him, and not to tell Shilo she had seen him.

After a couple days David was still in the house, and she told him that Diane was coming, I forget the exact date, to help her “fix her room up.” I have had numerous issues with my rental company, and a couple days before Diane was supposed to show, my landlord was telling me I had to put an additional 1100$ down to stay in my apartment. So Jess started getting all worried, I told her not to worry, I would take care of it all. A couple days later, just before the end of April, I worked all details out with the company, and Jessica was no longer stressed.

David was in the house for almost three weeks. He wouldn’t leave. She continuously kept telling me that she knows he was bad for her and she was going to tell him to get out. Her face started breaking out. Jessica Tobias said, she’s using again. I had never been around heavy drugs so I was taking her word for it. I then started to ask her daily about why her face was breaking out, why she couldn’t drive to work, what’s with the sunglasses. She always had some excuse. My period, tired, bright.

She would come in my room and sit on my bed we would talk about work and David, and she missed Shilo. And just things Diane and her were going to do to the room. She was so happy everytime she came to talk, she would always hug me and say thanks for letting me move in.

Toward the end of April Jessica Tobias and I were going to dinner and to see a film, we had both tried getting her to go with us, she kept saying to me, no, it’s a date, I don’t wanna ruin it. But she was insitant on doing my make up and getting me all dressed up, and making me girly, for my “date.” I enjoyed the time and her bubbly giddiness.

I had started a new job, so I wasn’t seeing Jessica too often, just nights when I would come home, we would watch friends, I actually DVR’ed them for her, she was elated. Then I would usually go to bed fairly early, maybe midnight or one.

Maybe a week and a half after the date, Jessica had told me before I left the house, that she was going to see Shilo. She just said she wanted to get the rest of her things. I said okay, and left. Later that night, I want to say it was around Saturday May 4th, she had texted me an said we need to talk. So I called her, and asked her if she was moving out, she said no. I said, you relapsed didn’t you, she said yes. I then said, I knew it, and