Life Essay: What Matters Most In Life?

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What matters most in my life ? I will be referring to those texts to help me analyze this question and maybe answer it. Anthem, Prometheus, Emancipation Proclamation, Critical Thinking video, and the Socratic seminar we’ve done in class. All these sources lead to one thing that really matters most in life. That certain concept must be freedom and also achieving and self-love.

First, Anthem displays a whole lot of this freedom and what matters to the main character. In the book, Equality is defying the ways of his city's life and decides to separate himself from everyone else. This is freedom to him. Equality then realizes as he left the city that what matters most to him is to be free and become knowledgeable, be acknowledged. “We, Equality 7-2521, Have discovered a new power of nature.” That is an example of Equality is becoming more and more knowledgeable. Throughout the whole book, Equality learns progressively about the world he lives as he explores where no one else would. As well with me, As I grew up I started to learn more and more about this world as well. I started to learn that this world is cruel. Most things in life have to come to an end, that’s how life is. Embrace it.
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He is a “Good titan” as the people know him by in Greek culture and mythology. He was also recognized for his intelligence and being a champion of mankind. What utmost matters to Prometheus ? Prometheus cares for the well being of humanity and wants to bring the people “fire” to light their civilization. This is what matters most to Prometheus. He does this by defying the Gods and taking the fire from then. Prometheus then was punished by Zeus for this act. Prometheus’s punishment was being tied down to a mountain and an eagle would come and eat Prometheus’s liver. The liver would grow back overnight and the next day the eagle would come and eat it once