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When a person loves or cherishes someone they need to let them know everyday, because no one can ever predict how long there is to actually have with that person. If a person has a last chance opportunity to tell a loved one something that they want them to know before they die, then take the opportunity and tell them. Its better than living the rest of your life with the regret of knowing that they could have been told everything, but the choice was made not to. I have a personal experience with this lesson learned. My mom died on January 18th 2011, I had just turned 15 the month before. Also my grandfather, my mom’s dad, had passed away the month before her on December 3rd 2010. I never got the chance to tell either of them what I wanted them to know, and now I regret not telling them. I will have to live with this regret my whole life too. My mom had been sick since about the beginning of June 2010. She had experienced several mini-strokes, been overweight, and just didn't really take care of herself at all. We never knew any of this until she fell trying to go to the bathroom from her bed which was nearly 10 feet away. My cousin, Paige, my dad, and I had currently been camping at this time, him leaving the campgrounds to help her get back into bed. It had taken him about 2 ½ - 3 hours just to get her back into bed she had refused to go to the hospital though. She then fell later that day and he couldn't get her back into bed by himself it had taken both him and my uncle, Norman, to get her back into bed, she still refused to go to the hospital. She fell once again the same day, this time both my dad and my uncle couldn't get her back into bed and they had to call an ambulance to have them help get her back into bed, she yet again refused to go to the hospital, and the paramedic said that as far as he can tell she is in a "right state of mind" And because of that she can't be forcefully taken to the hospital, Later my dad brought me and my cousin home to see and talk to her. She didn't really know what was going on or who we were she thought that I, at the time was going into 8th grade, was a sophomore in college and that my cousin, also going into 8th grade, was a senior in high school. I told my dad what she was thinking and he said that she wasn't in her right of mind any longer and that she needed to go to the hospital now. He called the ambulance and them come get her, my cousin and I were told to wait in my room because he felt that we were too young to have to witness them taking her away. After we got to the hospital and the doctor did a bunch of tests on my mom he told us that she had several mini-strokes that had affected the left side of her body and a part of here memory, thats why she didn't really know who we were. She had been in the hospital about 2-3 weeks when the doctors told us that she needs 24 hour care but she can't stay in the hospital anymore and that it would be best for her to be moved to a nursing home. My mom was moved to the nursing home down the road from the hospital. She was there until about September, when she was complaining about the staff there and how they were treating her. She also had MRSA from staying in bed there all the time, we had to have her taken back to the hospital. When she got to the hospital they did a lot more tests on her again and said she had more things wrong with her, she was then sent to Southwest