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Life Event 1 (Independent):
Joining the US Army is an honor and away to gain oneself. Hundreds of men and women join the military everyday with one command goal in mind, to gain their independents as an adult. When I was turning twenty-one, I felled the need and desire to have my own house. Living under my mother roof, made me feel unease. At the time, I felt as if my life was not going anywhere. Within three weeks of the feeling useless, I joined the military. Life became wonderful. I had the opportune to learn new skills, meeting people and was able to challenge myself. This challenge wasn’t only for me, but it was my way of announcing myself to the world that I am an “Adult”, now. I was no longer a child who was living under their parents’ roof. I no longer had to answer to anyone but myself. I was myself. Life Event 3 (Miss Victoria):
In one paragraph, explain why this event was significant to you.
At 25 years old, I decide I was ready to have my first child. Victoria helped me to become a better person and parent. On 10 June 2003, I nearly loss my life when I delivered Victoria into the world. I was admitted into IUC, after delivering Victoria. I felt defeated. I did have any family around me in North Carolina. I asked “GOD” to let me stay in world to protect her.
Responsible and independent was the reason “Why” I chose these two events. This was the first time I was being held accountable for life turning events as an adult not a teen. In today world parents are leaving video games to teach teens how to survivor in life without effort. In some families, teens can go through childhood and adolescence without a real sense of responsibility. Parents are occupied with their own careers and happiness of the teens, and forgetting prepare their teens for responsible for a successful lifestyle as an adult. Responsibility assist in grooming adults for careers in today’s society and contribute to the welfare of others. Teens are very capable but aren't given enough responsibility or credit within their daily lives. I belive teens actually spend 70% of their time with peers or on social media guidance’s of their parents or mentors in their lives. How can a young adult develop a sense of responsibility and accountability of their life? I believe survivor skills are build within us but responsible for oneself is learned. I teach my children the value of volunteers. Working to assist others benefit the community well being. I have notice that my children observe me taking care of my day to day affairs. Parents are the first role models for their kids and we show them how to be responsibilities, as they become transitition from teen to adult in their community. What’s most important is moving from dependence to independence, as well as providing experiences. Providing for your own needs, and recognizes the necessity of one’s path and effort into adult.
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