Life Exposed In Virgil's The Georgics

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When Virgil wrote the Georgics over two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire was in a dreadful state. At the time, Rome had grown into a very large and populated city. As a result, there were consequences. The sewage lines were nonexistent, and displaced people roamed the streets. Also, Civil war and political instability had plagued the Empire. These events led Virgil to write the Georgics, in hopes that it would call people back to the land. This unpleasant time period of the Rome shares qualities to modern day American. To start, many cities have become over populated, and it has led to homelessness and starvation. Cities such as New York City face problems with overpopulation and sanitation. Also, the increase in population has led to the destruction of land. This aspect relates closely to the area in which I live. Ankeny Iowa was once a town of twenty thousand residents, but now, it is home to over fifty thousand. This growth has happened in a short span of twenty years. At one point in time, my home was located on the edge of the town, and was lined with a dirt road, …show more content…
At one point, Virgil states, “So, fate decrees that everything tumble into a worse state and slide swiftly backwards (CITATION). Virgil is showing that nature is a delicate balance, and if we do not do fix something nature will decay or slide backwards into a worse state. This is extremely relevant in the modern world. To start, global warming or the steadily rising temperature of the earth is a result of man’s recklessness. Carbon emission and oil drilling has led to the destruction of the earth. As a result, the earth has begun to decay such as Virgil stated. In the United States this year, the Mississippi flooded, blizzards hit the northeast, and California has been in a constant state of emergency due to the lack of water. These natural disasters show how powerful the earth is, and that it cannot be controlled through