Life: Happiness and Activities Essay

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Examination of life means for me world exploration. Life is created from many different activities. Through these activities humans are examining their lives. People during their lives are learning many new things, are creating new things, and are meeting new people. Moreover, they are developing their interests. These activities are giving people happiness. Unexamined life means for me very sad and boring life. Consequently, not exploring life is not worth of living. People who do not have any interests are losing a lot of enjoyment. I can not imagine, if somebody do not have any hobby. For example I love drawing. When I have free time I am making small sketches. Moreover, I am drawing them when I am angry or stressed because this activity helps me calm down. Drawing is part of examination of my life because it is part of me. As well drawing is giving me a lot of enjoyment and fun. I can not imagine my life without making these sketches. People are learning all the time. My parents showed me and explained how to cook some meals. They also taught me how to ride a bike. I was laughing when I started ride on bike, and I was happy when I baked my first cake. However, I am still learning because I am attending to the college. Moreover, English is my second language which I am still improving. I am very happy when I have good grades because I know that I know something new. For me all these activities are part of examination of life. These facts are presenting that people are learning at every stage of life. I can not imagine what I could lose in my life when I not bake my first cake, ride a bike, and learn English. Consequently, I will be learning some new things in the future as well because through them I examine my life.…