Essay on Life in New Orleans

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Nicole Franklin
31 July 2013
Instructor K. Pawlovich
English 1060 Defining the Life of New Orleans Hurricane Katrina is hardly the most interesting thing about New Orleans. The Food, music, and the architecture of New Orleans are fabulous, but it’s the unusual nature of the city’s people that make New Orleans unlike anyplace else in the United States. New Orleans was a “sick and wounded” city, crime-ridden and police-brutalized, its economy as fragile as a parade float. New Orleans do not deserve the reputation it has been to be, it’s a sad feeling to know what the people of New Orleans have went through. In The novel “Nine Lives” by Dan Baum his vivid selective census of survivors includes nine interesting characters but only a few that kept interest. Billy Grace,” a millionaire King of carnival from the Garden District”, Ronald Lewis, “a retired streetcar repairman from the Lower Ninth Ward”, Tim Bruneau, “a white cop from Lakeview”, Anthony Wells, “a jailbird from the Goose”, and good old Frank Minyard, “the big spending, hardworking, womanizing gynecologist from the Lower Ninth Ward. Nine Lives is an attempt to convey what is unique and worth saving in the city. More than likely, “King of Carnival” is Billy Grace, who made his own money and married into an old family with a gigantic and historic mansion. In 2004, as captain of the Rex Krewe- one of the more progressive Mardi Gras organizations. Billy made a hesitant approach too little too late, trying to get to know Tootie