Life In The Beach

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I was born in the mountains of Maine but grew up by the beaches of Florida. Although each possesses their own unique characteristics, I much prefer living out my years at the beach, to a life in the mountains. When you think about the climate, landscaping and activities they are so different. The only thing they have in common, both places are beautiful in their own way and people love to vacation there throughout the year. The mountains of Maine are truly beautiful, especially when covered in sparkling, white blankets of snow. Although seasons filled with sunshine and warmth may come to the mountains, this is not what mind conjures up when I think of the high hills and rocky terrain. My first thoughts are of the cold temperatures, ice and snow. Throughout the year, many choose the mountains of Maine for their vacation get a ways. The seasons of spring and summer are perfect for camping, fishing in the streams, hiking, mountain climbing, and mountain biking. But even in the heat of the summer, the nights are still filled with cool crisp temperatures that can chill you right down to the bone.
The cold climate of the mountains is definitely a barrier in the fall & winter months unless you enjoy playing in the snow, skiing, and snowboarding. I truly enjoy all of those activities but not enough to live there year round. I would rather live at the beach in Florida and occasionally vacation in the mountains of Maine.
Sun and fun are two words that come to mind when I think of the beaches of Florida. The sea and the year round, warmer climate are among my favorite aspects the Florida lifestyle. I am in