Life Is Funny Essay

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Justin Merriweather
September 25, 2013
Reader Response Journal

Life is Funny by E.R Frank 1. There were parts of the book that made me laugh, sad, and have much sympathy for the characters. One encounter is when PPPPPP parents were fighting and PPPPPP dad would beat on his mother. She didn’t any one to know that her husband was beating her. PPPPPP is always around when she is getting beaten by his dad. He tells his dad to stop, but he doesn’t listen until PPPPP calls the police one day to get rid of his dad. Another incident is when QQQQQ is raped by her dad as a little girl. On weekends she would go over her dads and she would come home crying and sick, because of what he did to her. Her mother never really listened to her,
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The book puts you in the position to wonder if it were you what would have done in that situation. Most don’t have a choice. For example GGGGGG has to follow her religion and she can’t talk to anyone outside of the family. What if you were her, and your problem was with another family member and you wanted to get help, but don’t want to shame your family at the same time? Things like this happen each and everyday and some people just put up with it, and don’t say a word.

5. The author was saying many things about life throughout this entire book. It was a heartfelt book that I think everyone should read. After reading this book you will have a different way of thinking about life. You shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and get help if you need it no matter what anyone says. Being a prisoner to life isn’t the way to live; it can be so much more enjoyable with freedom. Talk to someone about your situations if they are willing to listen, because holding things back won’t make it any better. You can take control over your life and choose the way you want to live it. Life is an amazing and beautiful gift, which shouldn’t be wasted living in fear and hiding behind closed doors.

6. I know now that not everyone is living a happy life and that it isn’t that easy just to do that either. It takes time and a lot of courage to do so. I now know that not everyone is striving to be perfect or doing their