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Life Is a Trip Growing up in a society where you might not know where you are headed, can be very difficult. Black people as a race are the minority. They have to crawl and go through so much until they have found their way, or unless somebody felt sorry for them and gave them a free pass, but that hardly never happens. When you talk about race, people seem to act as if racism doesn’t exist, even when it was just almost yesterday. Who came up with “only black people as a whole are only good for sports and that Mexicans are only good for working hard.” Our lives are already destined, it’s just up to us to figure out what is our destiny. Ignorance have been embedded in the majority of the minorities heads and most of the minorities are the blacks and Mexicans. Black kids going through school thinking the only way for them to become successful is through sports. Education is the key to success, learning or taking up a trade so you can have something to fall back on is a success.

Where I grew up, the only way out was a football or basketball, because weren’t that many blacks getting scholarships for academics, which was very sad. Another thing that’s sad is that, black history isn’t taught enough in the school systems. Black history is something that lives on forever and ever, but blacks are only good for one month out of the whole year? Good thing that there are grandparents and churches around to teach about black history outside of school and outside of the month of February, because if not, blacks as a whole would be lost on the history. There is also a lot of talk on how the young youth can join the military and risk their lives at the age of 18, but cant have a drink until they’re 21. I’m not saying or condoning every to smoke or drink, but if there is a way to be fair, let it be fair for all levels.

It’s ok to die for