Essay about Life Isn't About Finding Yourself, Life is About Creating Yourself

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“Life isnt about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself “ ­ George Bernard Shaw I chose this quote because I feel that this is a quote that people should put up somewhere in their house or room somewhere they can see it because It is kind of a true fact. The quote that i chose is telling us that it's about discovering what we're capable of and learning from our challenges in life to evolve into the person that we aspire to be. So what are the things that I chose to show you today? Well let me tell you.
The first thing that I chose to bring in today was my western bridal for riding my horse. I started riding horses 2 years ago when i moved in with my adoptive family. I love riding horses because it helps me calm down when I get really upset. Riding my horse also helps to comfort me whenever im sad. I also ride horses because its what I love doing in my free time when I get home and have nothing else to do.
The second thing that I brought in was my stethoscope and my Medical
Assisting book to tell you about my strength in trade. I brought in a stethoscope because as a Medical Assistant you have to know how to take vital signs. The vital signs that we have to do are things like taking blood pressure, temperature, pulse ox, height, weight etc. The main reason that we use a stethoscope is to

listen to the lungs and we use it for blood pressure to listen to the start of the heartbeat and the end of the heartbeat. I brought in my MA book because…