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Jonathan Lopes

I was born in America on the 27th of July of 1994 and became part of an extremely religious family. As a child I don't remember much of my childhood when I was still in America. Although I do remember going to kindergarten and being the worst of my class. At the time, the one and only thing I would care about was pokemon, it was the best thing in the whole world.

As I grew older, I made a lot of friends, but my cousins were the best so I would stick with them most of the time. Life was good… Until the day the factory where my dad was working started experiencing financial issues at the time and decided to move to Brazil.

My dad was extremely upset about it at the point that he decided and started thinking that maybe we would have a better life if we moved to the country were my parents were born and raised, which was Portugal. And so my parents start planning our so called “new lives”, and if we should move or if we should stay. During this process we received an unexpected phone call from my grandmother, which was living in Portugal, telling us that my grandfather had just passed away. Needless to say that my dad was completely devastated as I look and could feel the sadness on his face.

So they made, which i consider being the biggest decision of our lives, and that was moving to Portugal. When my parents told us what had happened and what they were considering doing, my brother and I were completely frozen in shock. So many questions went through my head. How will it be there? What about my friends and cousins? Will we ever come back? I was brainstormed and I am pretty sure I wasn't the only one feeling that way. Very quickly the life that I had changed in a really drastic way. And so we left. Bye America Hello “new world”.

We arrived on the 15th of September of 2000. I got to see my parents family although it wasn’t my first time seeing them, it felt like I was meeting them for the first time because it had been so long since I were with them. Eventually, me and my brother went to school, my parents found jobs and everything was starting to be as they were before. Well... in a certain way. We quickly adapted to Portugal. We became good students, made new friends and most important we had a united family.

As I went to Highschool I started to hang out with my classmates. We used to do crazy things and honestly, I was having the best moments of my life. And as time goes by I still remember the things we used to do and laugh at it. High school was the best time of my life.

Back then the relationship between me and my parents wasn’t that great. I was constantly doing things that I shouldn’t, and so my parents would be called to talk to the counselor a lot. So I knew that I would get yelled at once we got home. Not only because of school, but also because of religion. My parents are extremely religious, but I never felt interest about religion.

I believe that every person in the world has the right to believe in whatever they want, and they should not be forced to believe in what they don’t. They would make me do religious activities, like reading the bible, going to church, and i completely hated it. I started to think that my parents were not letting me be myself. They would always compare my well behaved brother to me. But I didn’t care because I knew once I got out of the door I would have fun.
I managed to finish High School when I was 17 and most important, with a good grade. I finished High School on the 21st of June 2012 and after that, my