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CP English 11
February 5, 2013
What a Smile Can Do

Every day since the day I was born, my mom has been a significant influence in my life. She has been a role model to me in what she does, and I look up to her for almost everything. She is a radiant, strong, and smart person, and she does everything she can for anyone, even if it means the shirt off her back or the shoes off her feet. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and bright smile radiate happiness and can brighten any room. Many times through the years, I have asked my mom for help or advice, and she will always be there. She not only helps me, but she will help her friends, or even mine. She will talk to any person of any age if they are too scared to talk to someone else. She is a person who is always truthful, loving, and caring. One important experience in my relationship with my mom is the day our trailer, filled with horses, came unhooked from the truck while I was driving it. That 92 degree day, my mom and I were not getting a long that well, so we decided to go separate ways. She went to Litchfield to talk to a couple of her friends, and I went to Gillespie with some of my friends to ride at a horse show. We were on a country road going about 30mph. We went over a small, seemingly insignificant bump, and that bump changed our whole day and left an impact that affects me to this day. When we casualy drove over the bump, it felt like we had been hit from behind by a herd of rhinos. After a few seconds, I realized what had happened. The trailer had come unhitched from the truck and was pushing us. After I realized this, my heart sunk like an anchor. The massive trailer was filled with 3 horses weighing 3,000 pounds or more. I desperately tried stopping the trailer, but the trailer was relentlessly fish tailing, putting me, my friends, and I’m sure the helpless horses in a terror that filled my body faster than anything I have ever experienced. What was even worse, my mom was on speaker phone with us the whole time. Her first words, “Is every one okay,” was in a way comforting. I’m sure any mother in her situation would say the same thing, but at the time, it was the most comforting thing I could hear from one of the closest people to me. Even though we were in an argument, she dropped everything that very second and immediately drove over and was helping and supporting us. The first thing she did when she got there was