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“Hey.” That’s all he said to get my attention. To get my heart back from the box of my ex’s shit in my hallways closet. I was on my laptop drowning myself in tears to Trey Songz break up songs, when my Facebook messages icon poped up red. I wasn’t talking to any guy so noticing that some stranger named Cole Strother from Hilliard, Ohio messages me out of nowhere kind of flattered me and bothered me. “Hi,” I responded back. What a lame thing to say back to this really cute stranger. “What’s up? What are you doing?” “Nothing much, listening to music.” That made me feel dumber. I sounded like I have no friends, no life, which I don’t but a few. Well, I don’t, especially after my boyfriend of six long months cheats on me and dumps me out of nowhere and goes from me, a 10, to some wana-be-black, flat, white girl, better known as a 4, and on a good day, when she piled on her makeup, a 4.2. “That’s cool. I’m on a trampoline with my younger cousins babysitting them”. “That’s nice where are you from?” I already knew from looking at his info I just wanted to see if it was true “Ohio but I just moved back from Florida I was there for two years” “Seriously I live in FL what part did you live in?” “Port Charlotte” “Omg we were so close I live in North Port literally my house is 10 minutes from there!” That brought my hopes us by some, stupid yes but I had this feeling about him some hope that I didn’t want to push away.
He seemed like the typical guy tall, white, big smile, likes sports but I was off by some. He is tall, big smile, likes sports, did heavy drugs, lives in an apartment complex, helps support his family with his mom, has relationship issues with partners. Yeah he was “kind of” the typical kind of guy. His first name is Andrew middle name Cole “so why do you go by Cole?” “My father’s middle name is Andrew and he’s a really shitty guy so when people say my name I don’t want it to be a reminder of a bad man”. Cole is not the typical guy as you can tell that I go for. To start with he doesn’t live in the same state he’s thousands of miles away doing god knows what, secondly he’s home schooled so in his day who knows what he’s doing, and third he’s a rapper and has gigs at clubs and events so who knows what he’s doing he does everything thing to get me so worried some. Now you have to understand he was 16 when he talked to me and he’s SO mature for his age I was impressed. I was very open with him about my life and who I am and what’s happened to me which is very rare because I don’t like telling people my personal life stories or my problems but with him he made me feel more secure about myself, that I can open up myself. This pushed me into wanting to see him not just his still posed face in a picture I wanted to see the movement his facial expressions for when I made him smile. Which is very good because he has a huge front never showing his personal or soft side with people other than his very close family, I felt honored to be able to make him laugh, smile, and dare I say giggle!
Cole had something to say to me I felt it coming maybe it was the way he would talk to me all night even though he had work in the morning, the way his voice was so gentle with me, the smoothness in his voice. He had this passion in his voice this cockiness like as if he knew how I felt like as if he knew how to trap me and if he wanted to trap me then he could and he did because I wanted him too. Every night for a whole month straight we talked on the phone he texted me while he was at work at his construction job, texting me, in a dangerous area, yeah the real manly stuff. Not going to lie his manly actions pumped not just my blood. His first love that cheated on him just like my first love cheated on me with three skanks; he and I had basically the same love background. The thing is that Cole’s still a virgin, I’m not saying I’m easy but I did sleep with my ex for the first time the first day I met him (yikes!) and dated the next day but he