Life of an Officer Essay

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The life of an officer is never easy. Being part of a law enforcement means putting your life at risk at anytime . in order to protect the lives of others. Officer Johnson however, believes that by putting the security of others above his its worth it. “saving someone’s life from dangerous its my biggest accomplishment” Deputy Johnson stated. he was born and raised in Tampa. He knows the area very well and uses this knowledge as a advantaged when chasing a someone and to keep himself and his fellow officers away from any type of dangerous . Deputy Johnson been with the Hillsborough county police for 5 years now. His interest in law enforcement all started when he was a safety patrol in his elementary school. He sayd he enjoyed helping his school resources keep the school safe. He would then later, move on and graduated from high school, went to community college and study crimal justice there. Deputy Johnson said the main reason he became involved with law enforcement was because he like to protect the people and help them with anything he can do. hes favorite patrol beat are around school because, he dosent want anything to happen here like it happen to those kids in Connecticut and his favorite hang out spot during lunch with other officer is at any Spanish restaurant. He loves Spanish food. Deputy Johnson would not recommend anybody in becoming involved with law enforcement if they are scared to get shot, or not brave enough to do what law enforcement are required to