Life of Bengiman Franklin Essay

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“The Biography of Benjamin Franklin” tells us of the amazing life the founding father lived before he became a “Son of Liberty” and the trials and tribulations he had to overcome to become the great man we all know of today. Benjamin Franklin was an industrious man who worked hard, took every chance he had to better himself and learn, and wished to reach the epitome of human morality. Benjamin Franklin was a self made man living the “American Dream” before it even existed. Franklin is an excellent example as to what hard work and a never give up attitude can accomplish. I was impressed by Franklin kept moving forward in the face of troubles. When he arrived in London realized that governor had not written him the promised letter he did not let that deter him from returning to America. Franklin diligently worked gathering money for the voyage home when he was offered passage and a job on arrival showing that hard work and diligence do indeed pay off. Franklin’s business savvy is to be admired for it brought him great fortune. He was willing to partner with a Meredith a drunkard since he saw a chance for success. That chance led him to his own printing shop which soon met with great success. Most people would have seen that chance as pure trouble and would have passed on the deal, myself included. He created a newspaper which sold incredibly well due to his prudence of picking articles that he believed were worthy. If I were in his position I would have never started a newspaper since there was one already in town with very little subscriptions. I found it very interesting that he would write for a competing newspaper in order to shut down another. The thing I took the most interest of in reading this book was how large Franklins thirst for knowledge was. Franklin took every opportunity he could to learn and better himself. Though he did not attend school for very long he still learned through reading as much as he could. That lust for books lead to the creation of a library system in America. His fawning for books has reignited my old love of reading. Forming the “JUNTO” by gathering educated and informed men in order to learn and better each other through discussions and readings of essays was an incredible idea, which made me wish for my own society. His skills as a writer, that to me seemed second to none, were instrumental in changing the way many things were done in the colonies. He was able to use those skill to help create a fire department, a militia, street sweepers and many more things that would come to better the colonies. I was especially move that he created…