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The biggest problem I see facing teen adults today is drug abuse. Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person may look at the world. Many drugs in the modern world have been used and misused to cause addictions that can harm you and others around you. The long term effect of misusing drugs can cause drug dependency. Drug dependency refers to a physiological and psychological dependence. Drug abuse is bad for anyone, but they are particularly dangerous for kids and teens whose bodies and minds are still growing. The use of illegal drugs can cause damage to the heart, brain, lungs and many other important body parts. While misusing these drugs, teens are more likely to do poorly in school, sports or any activities that they once loved to do. It’s often harder to think clearly and make the right decisions while using.
Addiction (uh-dik-shun) – a person has an addiction when he/she becomes dependent on or craves a drug all the time
Addiction can happen to anyone. In 2014, the illicit drug use in all grades was 27.2%. Even though the percentage has gone down since 1997 when the percentage was 34.1%, it is still a major problem teens are facing today. The perception of someone who is addicted to some drug is usually cloudy which means there's more risk of rape and/or death occurring. It has been reported that when someone is addicted to a drug, it enables the user to think about the negative consequences that come with what they do, especially the long-term effects the drugs may cause. Research has also shown that drug users along with alcoholics may show more impulsivity that leads to problems in relationships within a family and/or with a lover.
When someone is addicted, nothing else will seem to matter but the high. The high is what keeps them going, kind of like the way air keeps us alive. The high is what keeps drug addicts alive, and that is what causes the most problems. The high can cause people to do inconsiderate things which creates distrust within their family and/or with a lover. That can cause the addict to create more arguments and push the people that love them the most away until there is no one left which makes them desire the drug even more. A teen addict that is still in school can become so focused on the high that when it comes to education or something that they once loved doing, they won’t be able to focus on anything but how they’re going to get their next fix. The long-term effects can become life changing and irreversible. Drug addicts usually don't care about themselves as much as they did when they were sober. They probably won't care about the way their hair looks, or the way their teeth are rotting or even the way they smell. It can cause pain everywhere within their body and the way the drug addict sees it, it's just a reason to get high even more. The more pain, the more desire they have to get a fix. Which can cause significant long-term health risks.
Drug addicts have more of a risk