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Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The phrase that follows us through school, work, sport and the rest of life. Why can’t anything be easy? Now, why did I choose to write about Yann Martel’s book and now movie, ‘Life Of Pi’ when it has so many bad reviews and ratings?

The film starts off in a small Indian village called Pondicherry in the 70’s. Piscine Molitor Patel, known as Pi lives with his traditional Indian family with a normal lifestyle, much like my ordinary life, here in England. The mystical movie varies throughout between happy, sad, scary and depressing moments in time while you wait to be mystified by what lies around the corner. With regards to the genre, I wouldn't say I have decided yet, but for now mi going to go with adventure. The film is set in the late 70’s and revolves around the government strikes and protests, this is what I like about the author.Yann Martel because he used the real life news and actions to build a story of what happens to just one family of the millions affected,which then goes on to zone down onto a poor indian kid called Pi who has the choice to give up, but never does, even after 227 days stuck on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger!

During the film, the idea ‘never give up’ is perfectly portrayed doesn’t fail to prove the point. For example, for most of the 227 days Pi was at sea, he was stuck alone with a Bengal tiger. Most people would say that he should have jumped into the water, but he simply chose to occupy himself for as much time as possible as he cleverly found a notepad and a pencil and made a list of every single item on board the lifeboat! Would you agree with me and say he’s gone mad?