Life Of Pi Animals Vs Humans Essay

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Animals and humans have coexisted since the beginning of time, and this essay will explain why they are connected. As a person with pets, anyone can realize animals can be helpful in life. In the book Life of Pi, there are references where Pi compares people to animals. The topics discussed in this essay prove how animals are similar to humans, how they benefit humans, and how they impact humans. First, animals can be seen as a reflection of the world due to their behaviors and similarities. “....we look at an animal and see a mirror” (Martel, 39). When Martel said this he didn’t mean people look like animals, he means they see themselves in the things they do. Animals can learn how to do the things people can with training. “We humans like to think of ourselves as a special bunch, but it turns out we have plenty in common with other animals. Math? A monkey can do it. Tool use? Hey, even birds have mastered that. Culture? Sorry, folks-chimps have it, too” (Pappas 1 of 9). The article, “7 ways Animals Are like Humans”, says animals can adapt …show more content…
In societies, humans have used animals for hunting, farming, security, protection, food, ect (UkEssays Paragraph 6). In, Life of Pi, when Pi was trapped on the lifeboat and the hyena was eating the zebra, Orange Juice, the orangutan was angered. She growled protectively over the zebra but ended up getting killed by the hyena (Martel158-160). Animals have been known to defend humans from harm or other animals. An example of this is when someone has a pet dog and they bark or attack when harm comes near. We can also benefit from animals by learning from their behavior. The three-toed sloth survives by being slow (Martel 5). This can be a learning experience because people need to make decisions slowly. Lastly, humans can benefit from the love and affection of an animal. A pet can flip anybody’s day around by just a simple lick and a nice