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They don’t care when you born, just how? Discuss the importance of genetic makeup in the world Gattaca.
Introduction: In Gattaca, the link to success and being accepted into the world is genetic engineering. Relationships and being known to very intelligent high status corporates also create a pathway to success. Vincent’s hardship on his way to success is a key highlight to this movie. Vincent wins over people buy his hard work and passion for his career. This is what make’s such a popular character in the movie.
In the film gattaca, Vincent’s workplace is expressed as a dark place.
The film Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol, the audience is presented with a dilemma. It is thought that Vincent is getting the better end of the deal, but is this true? Did Vincent really receive the better end of the deal? Or did Jerone finally feel like he was wanted and apart of helping someone live their dream? In this essay all aspects of this question will be discussed.
Gattaca is a story set, where it is believed that there is future waiting for us where genetically modifying your child is the ‘normal’ approach to everyday life. We are introduced to a character named Vincent Freeman, a child conceived not by genetic means, but through the natural bound, an act of love. He is what is known is an INVALID. As a ‘natural’ child, Vincent’s imperfections (he has a chance of a 99% probability of fatal heart disease) see him as a not having the required elements or characteristics. Vincent is not accepted with in the Gattaca society. This means he can never live out his dream in going to space as this is only performed by the elite and genetically ‘perfects’ people. As for his younger brother Anton, he is seen as the ‘perfect’ genetically modified human and is a