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Life Aboard the Titanic : Lawrence Beasley

March 12, 1912, 9:42 P.M It was another swell day on the cruise of the very fine sailing beauty Titanic, all my life i have never been so content i eager myself to thank susan for suggesting such a vacation. In my years of teaching young teens old english literature aside of educating them with moral value i can inspire them to take advantage of resources and aim to be successful so that they can experience the sight of my ordeal as of now. But i have to go i’ve made reservations for a well recommended dinner mid dock at 10 P.M its going to be amazing.

March 13, 1912, 3:22 PM, Wow, as expected dinner was superb last night, but id have to say for its elegance it almost stood a chance with the charming buffet i treated myself to this morning after loftly taking a shivering dip at poolside (Note to self: the 5 minute rule is true) afterwards i suffered few cramps which at home would shuffle my mood for the day but with the gaping sun extracting its rays in the line of my body in the middle of the sea could change one’s tempering habits.I also met a nice elderly woman she holstered sighted knowledge but was still capable of suprising me with her endless facts of war and its effects in our country. She truly lifted my American spirit, this cruise has been very good to me so far, i hope it keeps up.

April 14, 1912, 5:44 P.M, In the Span of the last few days i feel rejuvenated. There is so much to do so many great people, numerous beautiful women, and most of all such great peace on this ship that can provoke me to believe happiness is found upon the sea. Sadly i go back home tomorrow, but on its brightside i can be proud to return to the enlightening of our future providers of the world. I have plans to go to a dining party say around 7 P.M i believe it would be fair if i were to catch up on a bit of sleep. April 14th, 1912, 11:11 P.M There is rumor of the ship’s captain