Essay on Life Processes

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Know the six life processes
1. Take in Material such as nutrients, and Gases
2. Grow and Develope
3. Release Energy
4. React to surroundings
5. Give off wastes
6. Reproduce

What Process is used to make food in plants?
• Plants go through photosynthesis to make food.
• Photosynthesis takes place in the leaves of the plants.
• Cells in the leaves have chloroplasts.
• Chloroplasts have chlorophyll.
What tarps Energy from the sun, and gives Plant its Green color?
• Chlorophyll is green, and traps Energy from sunlight, and gives leaves there green color.
• Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts in the leaves. Leaves take in carbon dioxide. The Roots take water and nutrients from the ground and the stem transport them to the leaves.
• In photosynthesis carbon dioxide and water are changed into food which is sugar. This happens in the leaves.
What plants use seeds for?
When the seed sprouts, the tiny plant uses this food bundle for energy to push its root into the ground, and its stem into the air. So seeds are used to reproduce and make more plants.
What a cell? It is the basic unit of life that makes up all living things.
Cells produce other cells, and therefore they are organisms.
Cells are the basic building blocks of organisms. They perform all life processes within the cell. The complex organisms are organized into tissues, organs, and organ systems.

Complex organisms are organized as follows:
Groups of similar cells work together and form tissues
Tissues make up organs
Organs make up organ systems, such as the digestive system, and the nervous system.
Difference between the plant and animal cell
Plant cells have cell walls, chloroplasts, and chlorophyll, and animal cells don’t.
What a cell membrane- it acts like skin and…