Life Scripts Essay

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Kendall Lincoln
Mr. Elliot
Career and Life Planning
September 15, 2014

Before my Career and Life Planning class began, I was unaware life scripts existed. Not that I have thought about life scripts and how they relate to me, I see that I am made up of many, many life scripts. Thinking about life scripts, I have realized that both positive and negative reside in my life. I have also realized, the only life scripts that will stay in my life, are the ones I allow. When you are thinking about life scripts in your life, I find that positive ones can be harder to find. Luckily, I found that if I thought long enough on would surely come. It’s hard for me to think about this because I feel like I sound proud and that is the last thing I want to be. If at any time you think I sound overconfident or big headed, I promise that’s not where my heart lies. A positive life script I is being kind and understanding to people. It’s not very hard for me to think positive of people and act the same way. I am certain this positive life script has come from my family who has only ever been kind and understanding to me. Not only my family but also growing up in a church has somewhat molded me to this fit. Growing up in a church can certainly teach someone to be humble and with humility comes the ability to understand others. Another life script that can have a big effect on me (if I allow it) is being quick to judge. This is a big life script for me because coming from a Christian church, the cliché is to be horribly judgmental. This script has a positive and negative side to it. It is negative because as I grow I have been influenced by judgments made by other people. It is also negative because since I am a Christian people are quick to assume I’m an arrogant judgmental person, which is completely wrong. I believe we all have a strong ability to judge people which can be something hard to control. In the past, anytime anyone has said to me something negative about a person, I immediately paired the criticism to the person. I was unable to have my own thoughts about people who were never given the chance, and without second thought, the judgment became the person. I think the positive of this life script is lately I have been able to control it and slowly push it out of my life. I believe I have tried to change this about myself because of my cousin Morgan, who constantly loves, and reminds me to love no matter what. There is a negative script that I believe had a huge effect on who I am becoming as a person. One of my many downfalls is always trying to please others by my behavior or decisions. It has been hard to become someone I want to be and someone I love. This