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This weeks reading the one concept I enjoyed reading about is suicide. The concept did not go into detail but it provided some fact from studies that tells me why kids want to commit suicide. It says that 17 precent of U.S. high school kids in 2005 said that they really want to commit suicide.I was shocked to know how much of a percentage just wants to give away their life. Suicide is the leading death cause in teens. Teens commit suicide a lot because of emotional distraction. Females are more likely to attempt suicide than men. But still men are more often successful in committing suicide then females. Mens more often use guns to commit suicide, whereas females gut their wrist or take overdose of sleeping pills. Wow I am shocked on how much people don't care about their lives. I hate the fact that ratio is so much in committing suicide. Especially when the men says they are the strongest but they tend to commit suicide more and kill them selfs. It said that we should not take it lightly if someone says "I want to commit suicide". We should take action that right away before we loose that person. When I was in india I was about 9 years old and I still renumber that we had a neighbor who committed suicide. He shouted out too that his going to kill him self by drinking a liquid product that is used in farm to kill insects. Everybody thought he is not going to do it. The next day we found his body in farm and he was died. He just did it because of his family fights everyday