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Life Span
Christopher Cook
Point University

Life Span I can say that my life has not been prefect all these years, but I must still consider that I have had a good life compare too many others around the world. I have seen several ups and downs throughout life, but through them all I’ve managed to turn the negative situations into positive outcomes, and the positive situations into greater achievements. There are several reasons why I feel that I have had a wonderful life and will explain what factors contributed my success and happiness in life. I am sharing several key events that happened while I was growing up that influenced my adulthood. I truly believe I became separated from a lot of my parental influences and depended on reading books, and the influence of friends from church, which strayed me into the right paths for my life. My life started thirty-five years ago on October 22, 1977. I was born in Carrollton, Georgia to Mike and Sherry Cook. I had somewhat of a typical childhood parents, brother, and a dog. When I was born both of my parents were very young at the age of nineteen, and had no money at all. Both of my parents had just got out of school, and had just started working their first real full-time jobs. After I was born my mother decide that she what to be a stay at home mother, which really put a finical strap on our family. So my dad had to pick of the difference of her income by getting two jobs to support our family. After about two years my mom went back and got a job, so that my dad could cut back on work, and to be at home to spend more time with the family. Thirty-six months after I was born came along my brother Jay. My relationship with my brother was just that, a brother relationship. There were times we could be laughing and having a great time, to suddenly a switch was turn on, and we were fighting like cats and dogs. To hear my mother say, we fought constantly and never it ended. Our fights were usually intervened by my mother, because dad was working a second shift time. No matter what the situation was with our fights, my mom took no one’s side. No matter who had wounds from our fights, my brother and I both got in trouble. My relationship with my grandparents from both sides of my parents was great. My mother’s parents where always the house that we wanted to spend the night out, because they were so much fun to be around. My grandfather on my mom’s side was always fun to be around, and the jokes that he would always tell. My father’s parents were the ones that taught us a lot about life. Though they were more interested in teaching us stuff about life, and not much time for fun we still enjoyed and wanted to go over to their house to. The difference was that my granddaddy wanted to teach us about farming. So every spring and summer we would spend many of hours at his house getting ready for gardens, and maintaining them till time to pick the garden. Also he had cows and pigs that we had to help him raise also to. When I was young I could never figure out what in the world this would do to help me when I got older. What does plowing up the land and turning the soil over to get ready for a garden got anything to do with me when am adult. What does planting seeds in the ground, and the horrible job of hoeing the garden for hours on end, got to do with me being and adult one day. While it has showed where it all has come true in my adult life now, I never saw it back then. In order to be something in life, we must first prepare our way, just like plowing and turning over the soil for the garden. Then we are to plant the seeds of our life out in the garden, to understand that it does not stop there. We cannot walk away from a garden after it has been planting or the weeds of the wild will take over and kill the garden plants. The same is true in our life, we must not plant seeds and think that we can walk away, and expect this awesome harvest in our