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Discrimination is the unjust treatment of people who aren't the same as yourself. It's important to conquer this prejudice treatment and support the vulnerable. There are many different types of discrimination, one type is overt discrimination which is being open about discriminating against someone. For example, if a white man openly shouted racial abuse at an Asian man this would be overt discrimination. Another is covert discrimination which is hiding the fact that you are discrimination against someone however it is still hurtful to the victim. An example of this would be a company not hiring someone because of their sexual preference.

There are many different basis of discrimination, one of these being age. Discriminating against someone with age could be because people believe that old people cannot do anything for themselves therefore they need help with everything, however some old people are perfectly capable of doing things for themselves. Another basis could be disability. This can be like age and trying to do everything for someone that is disabled however you could also discriminate against an disabled person by mocking their condition and making them feel worthless. Discriminating against someone due to their sexuality is also a basis and an example of this would be a doctor assuming that a homosexual male has aids just because they are in fact gay. Another basis of discrimination would be discriminating against someone's family status. This could be because of their family is a same sex family, their family is from a poor background or because their mom and dad are divorced. To relate this to health and social care this could be an issue or could need help from social services. For example, the social services could be there for support when a family has broken down and the parents have gone through with a divorce. This could be because one parent cannot cope with the children because of a change in finance or the way that they are behaving. There are many different family statuses now, reconstituted families which are two families that have come together via marriage or civil partnership with children from past relationships and a single parent family is when the mother or the father of a broken down marriage have custody of the children and are single handedly bringing them up. Counselling can be available for both of these family types for different reasons. With a reconstituted family, the children may have difficulty getting along which means that there are arguments within the family home. This can make it difficult for the other children and can strain the parents marriage.

Discriminatory practice is discrimination within the health and social care settings and this can come from a wide range of reasons. These are the discriminatory basis. One discriminatory practice are the infringement of rights which are the right that each individual has the right to be respected, acknowledged and have basic rights. It's the health and social care professionals who have a duty to enforce and challenge those who go against a persons rights. Another discriminatory practice is abuse and an example of this is that social workers and carers have the right to make decisions about the care an individual receives every day. Doctors have the power to make decisions on what treatment someone receives however if the power is used negatively an individual can have a disadvantage within the health care setting. Being prejudice is the preconceived opinion of someone or something that isn’t based on actual experience or reason and is another discriminatory practice which is knowing the decisions made within the health and social care setting before meeting an individual. An example of this is seeing your GP then being referred to the hospital, the hospital needs an overview of you and your situation so that they know who you are and how to treat you. The other discriminatory