Life Support on Women Essay

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Brain Dead Women should die with Dignity
Some women can experience health problems during their pregnancy. For example, many of these health problems include seizures, high blood pressure, or blood clots. Unfortunately, some these health problems can lead to more serious complications which put women in a situation where they can end up brain-dead. For example, Marlise Munoz who fell unconscious and stopped breathing for about an hour before she was found by her husband. Even though this incident happened while she was fourteen weeks pregnant, Marlise’s husband and family wanted to obey her wish which was to keep her on life support even if it meant her baby would die. In a similar situation, a woman named Robyn Benson suffered a brain hemorrhage, and also leaving her brain-dead. This occurrence happened when was twenty-two weeks pregnant. Unlike Erik Munoz however, Robyn’s husband and doctors wanted to keep Robyn on life support until her baby was thirty-four weeks. Even though the baby deserves chance to live, if the mother is declared brain-dead she should have the right to die in peace. Women who are pregnant and are considered brain-dead should be removed off of life support, even if they have a baby in their womb. The mother should die with dignity rather than being kept artificially alive for months. Robyn Benson, a brain dead woman is forced to be kept artificially alive and her body used basically as an incubator. She may have wanted to do that for her child and if she did it was a choice. We have a woman here that is basically a vegetable and on support that had a brain hemorrhage. As been kept going through the pregnancy and had the baby, because of the husband’s wishes. Robyn Benson didn't have a choice in any of it, she was not aware of anything and assume treated humanely but where were her rights? The family or the husband should have the final decision and not the hospital or a law. As this is such a personal decision that will vary from family to family. The poor families cannot grieve the loss of his wife and their daughter is being forced to be kept breathing because of the machines. The family cannot properly go through the grieving process. They are in a suspended situation until she is taken off of from life support. For example in Marlise Munoz’s situation her husband has filed suit against the hospital that refuses to take her off life support. Erick Munoz argued that Marlise’s medical charts indicated she was brain-dead and that there can be no life-sustaining treatment when there is no living patient to treat.
Children born in such situations are quite damaged themselves, depending on the event that caused the mother to lose brain function. No one really knows what condition the fetus is in. In…