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Life with the Hebrews While the Hebrews, Assyrians, and Persians all shared a life of hard times, I would have preferred to live among the Hebrews. The Hebrews were led by many well-known leaders over the years that Christians today read about in the Old Testament of the Bible. Known as descendants of Abraham, they were known and are still considered today to be the “Children of Israel”. The Hebrews were lead first by King Saul. King David followed after Saul’s death then King Solomon who was David’s son followed. After David’s death the region split into two parts. The social patterns of the Hebrews were quiet like the social structures of modern day life. The men of rank were leaders in different capacities similar to today’s Governors, Congressmen and others who held some rank whether with the government or military. Even the common people groups were known as free people who lived off of the land. They believed in family, with homes being shared with married children and their families as well. Marriage was also an important part of the Hebrew life. They honored their wives for their dedication and faithfulness to their husbands. They placed a high value on women but also felt that the women were very dependent on men. The Hebrews were one of few groups that believed in one God. They believed that God created the world and everything in it. To the Hebrews the gods of the other nations were merely idols. They believed their God ruled the world. Their Bible focused on one basic theme, “the necessity for the Jews to obey their God”. While many of the other people groups would worship their king or other idols.…