Life and Times of Alexander the Great Essay

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Life and Times of Alexander the Great


Alexander the great made an impact on world history that few individuals can profess to have done. He ruled all of the known world, and one of the largest empires ever. His men were the first westerners to encounter tales of the Yeti. They even discovered and classified new types of flora and fauna, such as the red mold that grew on their bread while they were in Asia, and made it appear as if it were bleeding. He expanded the Hellenist sphere of influence to the farthest reaches of the globe. When the king of Greece visited the British colony of India around the turn of the century, the colonial government had some native Indian dances displayed for him.
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Philip was constantly conquering more territory, and though Alexander respected him, he was also a bit jealous. He once told Ptolemy, "Father is going to do everything; at this rate he won't leave any conquests for you and me." During Alexander's sixteenth winter, Philip went to attack Perinthos in
Thrace, and Alexander was left as regent in Macedonia. It was now, when Philip was away, that the Madoi tribe chose to revolt. Alexander crushed the rebellion expertly, in a merciless fashion. He was so victorious that when he built a walled city at the site of the battle, he took the freedom of naming it
Alexandropolis, after himself, thus beginning his illustrious career. It was love at first sight for Philip when he saw Cleopatra, the niece of Attalus, Philip's general. The wedding was to take place immediately. At the wedding feast Attalus stood up for a toast to the bride and groom. In the course of his speech he "called upon the Macedonians to pray to the gods that of
Philip and Cleopatra there might be born a legitimate son as a successor to the kingdom3." Alexander had been quiet throughout the celebration, but with these words, he'd finally had enough. He rose and shouted, "What of me villain? Do you take me for a bastard4?", and with that threw his goblet of wine in
Attalus's face. An enraged Philip sprang