Essay on Life in the Fat Lane Notes

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Casey’s Notes
By: Casey Robichaud
Life in the Fat Lane- Cherie Bennett 1. Plot Synopsis
Life in the fat lane written by Cherie Bennett “offers a full measure of wisdom and hope” says Voice of Youth Advocates. It’s a wonderful story about a 16 year old girl named Lara Ardeche that has it all. Homecoming queen, great looks, an awesome boyfriend, and she’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She has an amazing life until she starts gaining weight. A lot of weight. Uncontrollably. Desperate to get her body back and find an explanation for her mysterious weight gain, Lara is diagnosed with a metabolic disorder called Axell-Crowne and it starts to take over her life. Soon, Lara Ardeche is living life in the fat lane. This awful disorder
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Molly is very strong minded and does not let other people’s opinions about her faze her. In the end, Molly learns that some of her jokes can really hurt people and she learns to think before she speaks.

Carol Ardeche- Carol Ardeche is Lara’s mother. She is a thin, beautiful blonde and all of the kids in town love her. Carol is known as the cool, hip mom around the neighbourhood. Carol is not very understanding of other people’s feelings and she is very selfish and conceded. She is very disappointed in Lara when she starts gaining weight and blames her problem on her. Throughout the novel, Carol ends up losing her husband, the love of her life since she was 15, to another woman. Carol starts taking antidepressants to help ease the pain of losing her husband and ends up overdosing and comes very close to dying. Carol learns to respect herself to move on as hard as it is. Carol also learns to not be so hard on her kids because after all, that’s all she has left.

3. Chapter Analysis
Chapter 1 of “Life in the fat lane” is a significant chapter because it introduces the setting. It also gives the reader abroad understanding of what the novel is going to be about. The purpose of this chapter is to get the reader’s attention and since it is the first chapter of the novel it introduces the main characters, Lard Ardeche, Mr and Mrs. Ardeche, Molly Sheridan and Jeff Anston. In this chapter the author clearly states that this book is about looking