Correctional Officer Research Paper

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Life of a Correctional Officer
Nancy Booker
CRJ:303 Corrections
Instructor Name: Yolanda Tilley
August 31, 2012


Life of a Correctional Officer
Correctional Officers are very important people and they perform very important duties. An correctional officer job can become very demanding and on top of that it can be very stressful. Just like police officer. Correctional Officers takes a change each day they are at work and they never know what happen that’s why they have to be point each day they arrive to work.
Correctional Officers play a very vital role in the criminal justice field. Their jobs are very dangerous when dealing with inmates that are in jail and prisons. ”The
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Around 1:00pm a count is done which make sure are inmates are accounted for and at 3:00 pm shifts are changed and correctional officers sign the logbook and pass the keys to the evening shift officers.
Now that I have informed you of the duties of an correctional officer let me advised you of the stress and dangers they go through.. Being a correctional officer is not very easy. As you know correctional officer have to give orders to inmates that are locked –up. Correctional officers job can be stressful because some inmates feel that they are just like them and who are they to authorize and demand them to follow the rules. Another stressful thing is that some inmates are ruthless and can be very manipulative to officers. A correctional officer always has to stay on point and keep their guards up at all time. Even though officers can play a role of being cool with the inmate they still must know that they are their boss and rules have to be followed.
Stress can come from many different areas of the prison. Every year officers get assaulted and hurt by inmates. A officer can get hurt just by trying to stop of fight between two inmates or gang members. Stress can come from an officer feeling like the pay he receives is not enough for the job that he does. Another type of stress could come about on how demanding the job can be. Officers may have to work long hours and a lot