Essay on Lifelong Activity

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Chapter 15 “Lifelong Activity”
1. What guidelines can be used to set realistic goals for an exercise program?
Good goals that can be used are working little by little and progressing through steps because if you aren’t fit you can’t just go in exercising all out. 2. What is the difference between aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercise? Give examples of each.
Aerobic exercises are vigorous and continuous physical activity for at least 20 minutes while anaerobic exercise is intense bursts of activity. 3. Why is weigh training not a good activity for developing cardio respiratory fitness?
Weight training is to improve muscular strength not cardio respiratory fitness. 4. What are the three segments of a physical fitness workout? What takes place during each segment?
Warm up should always come before exercise, then you condition which is a vigorous work out, after that you cool down you do a slow exercise such as jogging/walking. 5. More and more people are becoming aware of the need of physical fitness. Why is it important to learn the proper exercise techniques before beginning a workout program?
You can easily be hurt by working out too much or incorrectly working out, if you don’t have the instructions or skills you can get hurt, instead of getting help. 6. Swimming often is said to be ideal for exercise. In what ways is this true?
Swimming is easier to do and it also works out your muscles…