Lifespan: Gerontology and Individuals Appearance Essays

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Physically there are many changes associated with ageing. These changes can happen suddenly or over a long period of time and they can be confusing for any individual going through the ageing process. Physically an individuals appearance will change through the ageing process. The skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner therefore causing the ageing individual to have more wrinkles and become more prone to cuts and bruises because the skin is thinner it is easier to cut and bruise and these bruises or cuts can last for weeks at a time because the skin takes a lot longer to heal itself and repair. As we age our bones lose the ability to absorb calcium meaning that the bones do not get the correct nutrient they need to stay strong therefore they lose there density. When bones lose there density they become more fragile and the individual becomes more prone to fractures. The slightest knock or bang could cause a bone to fracture. There is also the possibility of developing a disease called osteoperosis meaning that the bones will become brittle and easily fractured. As we grow and age the cartilage on the ends of our bones wears thin or wears away, this can cause joints to become stiff and painful when moving for example stiff knees when walking and so on. Joints can also become stiff and painful because the ligaments in our body grow looser and lose there elasticity. The ligaments are important because they reinforce the joints and help support and strengthen them. As individuals go through the ageing process it is common knowledge that their height tends to decrease. This is because the cartilage in between the vertabrates in the spine wears down therefore making the gaps in between them smaller, this is why an individual may also hunch over because the spine can round from lack of cartilage. Muscles also become weaker during the ageing process and that can cause stiffness and pain as well and a decrease in mobility.
When an individual goes through the ageing process their hearing decreases which can lead to a lack of balance and possible lead to injury from falling over and so on. Hearing loss is a common thing with elderly individuals and can have profound effects on minor and major daily tasks. Loss of hearing can also mean being unable to communicate properly and if the elderly individual lives alone and is disengaged they may not get the help they need for their hearing which can sometimes lead to more serious deterioration and a deterioration in the level of physical health. As individuals age their ability to taste and smell things can also deteriorate. Loss of taste or smell can be very serious when an elderly individual is concerned because it can lead to a physical deterioration. According to