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Team name: Lifestream Solutions Mission Statement: "Saving and sustaining lives by making clean water accessible to all." Mission statement defined: At Lifestream Solutions our mission is to seek out and aid peoples and communities that are lacking in a basic human right: clean water. We do this by working side by side with our clients to educated them in water management and conservation, to create environmentally friendly and effective water collection and delivery systems, and to train them with the skills necessary to maintain and improve upon these infrastructures. By doing this we can enrich and improve the lives of others and our employees while helping to build a stronger, healthier global community. Lifestream Solutions Motivational Plan: At Lifestream Solutions we know that everyone is motivated by their needs, and we strive to provide people with one of the most basic of those needs: water. By using the framework of traditional project management we create a highly rewarding working experience where each employee is a part of the planning, tracking the progress of, and learning from every project we undertake. This allows us to create a working environment that values everyone’s opinions and experiences, shows real and measureable results, and helps foster an innovative attitude. We believe in the work we do and know that it is important because our successes mean changing people’s lives for the better. Lifestream Solutions Top Five Values: Honesty, Wisdom, Imagination, Responsibility and Security Lifestream Solutions Team Norms:
Communicate openly and respectfully
Define expectations clearly
Be willing to share the load
Praise good work

Lifestreams Solutions Team Charter
Purpose: The LifeStream Solutions management team will plan, execute, and support all activities related to the fulfillment of all elements of the mission of LifeStream Solutions. These will include fundraising, project selection, planning, and execution, and any other activity deemed necessary by the board to fulfill their roles. In addition they will supervise and provide leadership to all those under the direction or employment of Lifestream Solutions.
Background: The Lifestream Solutions Management Team has been selected for their knowledge, experience, and relevant backgrounds to represent all of the stakeholders of the organization. These include, but are not limited to, the board, our generous donors, those that we provide solutions for, our employees, and the natural world we strive to work with. The company’s goal is to provide simple but effective water management systems and technology that can be easily be maintained, copied, and replaced, and to pass on the knowledge to those that need it. Our projects are chosen based on need on six continents across the globe.

The management team is responsible for reviewing applications and proposals for projects and selecting beneficiaries. A water project shall not be approved unless adequate funds exist in reserve to complete the project including. Our goal is to complete one project per month at a cost below $10K US per project.
Team Composition:
Chief Executive - Full time, 40+ hours per week
Board Members – Advise management team, Part time, 2 hours per week
Fundraising- Full time, 40+ hours per week
Engineering – Full time, 40+ hours per week
Accounting – Part time, Contractor or In kind donation, 4-6 hours per week
Legal Advisor- Part time, Contractor or In kind donation, 4-6 hours per week
Logistics, Travel, & Accommodations- Part time or In kind donation, 4 -6 hours per week
Volunteer Recruiter/Coordinator- Site/Beneficiary Identification & Selection

Membership Roles:
Chief Executive - oversees and manages day to day operations
Fundraisers – secures funding for projects through networking with potential donors
Engineer/Project Manager – J. Andrews – 727.452.0975 - manages all aspects of project