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I like challenges and I can sort all type of problems I face with very well, it’s one of my day to day rules on training the new drivers to get them to face there self and adapt them self to the new rules its require from them to pass there test to become a bus drivers and with the existing drivers to performs there duties to the best standard and safe manner.
As someone like challenges I can find this job well satisfy me to performs in better way in my life as I will be responsible and have the chance to make a good change and help myself and the industry to go feather a head in a safe and professional way. It’s a chance I have been waiting for to upgrade myself and performance.
As a drivers trainer I face with a new people they have never been to a HGV and when first they come to me they normally thing its same as driving a car, soon they find its completely different thing and their confidence comes down, my job is to help them face the challenge and gain their confidence back and help them until they can be able to drive it in their own, I do manage to get hundreds of them throw all of that, at the same time I help with making sure their job will be completed in a good on going slandered required by the company and rules and regulations.
All what I use in my training is a good communications and understanding of the weakness of my trainee and find the real problem with their performance and progress, which make me very well understanding the best way to get them