Lil Wayne and Great Big Evergreens Essay

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Contain the Flame

Without the great big evergreens, beautiful blooming flower bushes, and whatever that is that Joe has growing in his backyard (we're thinking a hybrid?), Eugene just wouldn't be the same. This beauty- while ridden with giant ass, hairy evil spider demons and Subway-snatching squirrels- is worth preserving.
It's fire season now, kids. Let's not fuck up the only thing keeping these shroom trips interesting.

KVAL reports on the issue:
"EUGENE, Ore. - Hot, dry weather and winds made it difficult for fire crews to contain dozens of fires over the weekend… people need to be aware of their fires in order to prevent them from going out of control."

Yes: only you can prevent forest fires.

Scenario number one: While camping- AKA getting drunk in fresh air- there will always be one hooligan attempting to pour a bit of Everclear onto the bonfire, "just to see what happens". Note that this is a fire hazard, and instead opt for drinking it- it will be much safer within the bloodstream.

Scenario number two: Oops! Accidentally burn a bit of incense in the dorm room? Proceed to accept the RA's write-up, heads down- fire hazards are no joke! After closing the door, vent out the embarrassment by lighting that shit on fire, and throwing it out the window. That punishment email is still coming, but at least one can temporarily forget about the stupid mistake.

Scenario number three: A meth-head in an old beat up truck throws his cigarette out of the