Liliana Heker's Party: The Stolen Party

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The Stolen Party LITerature Analysis The short story “The Stolen Party” by Liliana Heker involves a young, lower-class girl named Rosaura who is invited to a higher-class girl’s party. At the beginning of the story, she believes that she is the best of friends with the girl whose party she is attending, Luciana. However, she later realizes that was not the case; Rosaura, who has a hard time understanding the difference of the social ladder of the rich and poor, ends up getting hurt because of her innocence and naivety. In the story, the author uses the development of Rosaura through foreshadowing and symbolism to clarify the social barrier between the powerful and the powerless: an “infinitely delicate balance” that is irreversible. Hecker’s …show more content…
Later on that day of the party, “Señora Ines had asked her to help pass the cake around and Rosara had enjoyed the task immensely, because everyone called out to her, shouting, ‘me, me!’” This interaction exemplifies the idea that Rosara was more than just a helpful guest, but rather an underpaid servant under the illusion that she was an equal. There is a very bold line Señora Ines has drawn between the rich and the poor, only it has been transparent to Rosaura until this moment. As Rosaura was leaving the party, Señora Ines requested for her to wait, and Rosaura absentmindedly assumed it’s because she is receiving a gift, just as the other party guests received. However, she returned with two bills in her outstretched hand “as if she didn’t dare draw it back. As if the slightest change might shatter an infinitely delicate balance,” and Rosaura was shocked. Her naivety had masked this barrier for so long, and even in the most seemingly obvious times, Rosaura was completely unaware of what was truly going on. Although the mother was conscious of the situation, she chose to leave this lesson up to Rosaura to learn for herself. Señora Ines was careful to keep this encounter strictly business, as Rosaura had just done a service which requires