The Story Of Lilith

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Lilith is described in the Hebrew Book of Genesis as the first wife of Adam. Her story goes like this.
On the sixth day God created Adam from the dust of the earth and tasked him to name every beast, bird and living thing on the earth. When the paired couples passed in front of him felt jealous that each had a both a male and a female version. Adam tried to couple with each of the females and found no satisfaction in the act so he prayed to God for a female that was for him.
God then formed Lilith just as he had formed Adam, but instead of pure dust as he had used for Adam, he used filth and sediment instead. But all was not well for Adam and Lilith. Lilith did not like the fact that when Adam lie with her she was to be on bottom and said to Adam "Why must I lie beneath you?" she asked. "I also was made from dust, and am therefore your equal." Adam tried to compel her obedience by force and Lilith left him in a rage.
Adam again complained to God that she had left and God decided to send the Angels Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof to bring Lilith back to Adams side. They found Lilith besides the Red Sea in the company of lustful demons whom she was having sex with and giving birth to lilim (half demon half humans). The angels demanded that Lilith return to Adams side at once but she refused saying "How can I return to Adam and live like an honest housewife, after my stay beside the Red Sea?" The angels again told her that if she did not do what was told of her that she would die. Lilith made an agreement with the angels; she had been tasked by god to take charge of all newborns so she agreed that if she saw an amulet above the newborn child with the names of the angels engraved on them then she would leave them alone. God decided to still punish Lilith and made 100 of her children perish daily and