Lillo And Shrek Research Paper

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Released in 2002, This Disney comedy about a Hawaiian kid,Lilo Peleaki and a destructive little alien, is powered by ferocious joy, but, remarkably, it still manages to incorporate traditional Disney values, such as the friendship between family members.Additionally,.although all the impressive innovations in the field of 3D computer-generated animation in films such as PIxar’s Toy Story and Dreamworks Shrek proved to be highly impressive,Lilo and Stitch showed,that old-fashioned hand-drawn animation has not lost its appeal with the mainstream audience.Older audience members will like that the setting of the movie is Hawaii.Due to the fact that there aren’t many animated films that take place in Hawaii.People can also appreciate that Hawaii is realistly …show more content…
Lilo and Stitch shows that you might not be quite right by other people’s standards, but there is someone who will always understand you and be there for you no matter what, This theme is excellent,because it can relate to anyone, because it basically is about being whoever you are, no matter what standers people may have of what you may look like or who you truly are.As for the central audience of the movie,the film is mainly aimed for children.Boys will like the film for the action scenes with the aliens, because boys are known to like movies and shows with creatures and action.While girls can enjoy this movie,since they can easily relate to Lilo.Due to her very young age when compared to the female protagonists the majority of Disney movies,and because she deals with more realist problems,like not always getting along with her older sibling.However parents need to know that some elements of this movie's cartoon action (including laser battles, gunfire, characters being captured and held hostage, and explosions)as well as the more bizarre-looking monsters could be scary for young children and justify the PG