Lime Springs Short Story

Words: 285
Pages: 2

There is a story in Lime Springs about the very last owner of Lidke Mill. He died there about a week before he was going to sell it. He was looking out over the dam, when he thought he saw something so he leaned over and that's when he slipped and went underneath the dam and died. Now they saw that his ghost still haunts the Mill.“Ph bro its a lie”. Blerted out Jared. “No its not its 100% true.” I said. “Prove it”. “We’ll stay there overnight”. I said nervelessly. “Deal”. It took us of couple of days for us to get ready to go there. Our plan was to stay there for one night we’d plan to go there at night and leave in the morning, We also planned to graffiti the place so people knew we were there. “So what do we need”? “We need spray paint, snacks,