Limitations And Constraints Of Marketin Essay

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Limitations and constraints of marketing
There are a lot of constraints within marketing, this makes sure that the marketing strategy being used is appropriate and that it doesn’t break any laws that are binding it. All businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure that any advertising claims are truthful, not deceptive and that your marketing activities don’t break the law.
What is a Law?
The system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties.
What is a constraint? a limitation or restriction
Different type of Laws and constraints
Consumer credit act 2006
The Consumer Credit Act 2006 marks the final stage of the most significant reform of domestic consumer credit law in almost 30 years. The Act amends the Consumer Credit Act 1974 with the principal aim of improving the regulation of consumer credit and consumer hire businesses, whilst at the same time providing better protection and remedies for the consumer. – The Act aims to protect vulnerable consumers and to create a fairer and more competitive credit market - This is important for marketing because it allows courts to redress the balance in 'unfair relationships' between debtors and creditors, making it easier for people to obtain some assistance from the court when they suffer the consequences of unfair lending practices.
Sales of Goods Act 1979
Informs the trader that the quality of their products must be to a specific standard, if not then the customer’s money must be returned. – This ensures that the customer receives high quality products from the store or supplier, this is effective for marketers because it allows customers to be satisfied which stops the return of products.
Consumer protection from unfair trading regulations
If a trader does something to mislead you into buying something that you may not have bought if you had been given all the information, this is an unfair commercial practice and is against the law. Misleading actions are covered by