Limitations of Self Report Data Essay

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Limitations of Self Report Data

Self-report data may be obtained from a test or an interview format of a self-report study. The format of self-report study that will be used to discuss limitations of self-report data will be a test and a personality disorder test will be used as an example. For specific example answers for the test I completed the results all rated “low” for all personality disorders. Limitations arise from decreased reliability and validity and issues with credibility of responses due to response bias. Content validity, construct validity and criterion-related validity as well as test-retest reliability will be presented. The forms of response biases that will be discussed are social desirability,
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In the Personality Disorder Test responders may think they possess a great deal of self-knowledge when in fact they may not therefore their answers may not accurately reflect their behaviours. Concurrent criterion-related validity is when the test score and the criterion are measured at approximately the same time. Predictive criterion-related validity is when the criterion measure is collected after the test score is collected. When self-deceptive socially desirable responding (SDR) in self-report testing, as defined in the social desirability subheading below, is controlled the predictive criterion-related validity is reduced therefore this form of SDR should not be controlled (Paulhus, 1991).
Test-Rest Reliability
Test-retest reliability compares the results of two of the same tests taken at different times (Dyce, n.d.). A person’s state of mind and conditions of the environment may influence responses. The length of time between which the tests are taken should be recorded so it can be taken into account when interpreting the reliability coefficient.
Changes in environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, noise level, or lighting) or state of mind can all affect test-retest reliability.
I performed the Personality Disorder Test on two separate days. The first time it was completed all ten personality disorders were rated “low”;