Limitless And The Maze Runner Essay

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The two movies Limitless and The Maze Runner are both part of the science fiction genre. While Limitless depicts the account of a struggling writer who becomes a superhuman by taking a drug, the story of The Maze Runner takes place in a rigid dystopian future where a group or teenagers are looking for a way out from the mysterious maze. Are we motivated by selfishness or by altruism? - This is the question that each movie intends to answer contrastively. Selfishness is indeed the one of the major challenges in a contemporary Western society, which is fueled by emphases on a personal "pursuit of happiness" – individualism. Matthie Ricard, a French writer and Buddhist monk, suggests that the Western world in which we find ourselves, a “world where individualism is often appreciated as a strength and a virtue – sometimes to the point of selfishness and narcissism – is a bit puzzling, since it does not seem
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This drug is called NZT and it can allow him to utilize 100% of his brain capacity. At first, Eddie is suspicious, but then decides that the drug cannot make his life any worse, so he takes it. The pill is supposed to allow him to tap his full potential, thus making him the smartest and most intelligent person in the world, and it does so. Now he can memorize everything he has ever seen or hear, acquire martial arts skills without any training, or learn a new language in less than a day. Who can resist a temptation to become rich, powerful, and famous by just taking one pill? The film thoroughly investigates the power of this temptation and the lure of becoming special. In the movie, Morra asks, "How many of us ever know what it is to become the perfect version of ourselves?" Of course, we want to become superheroes, be better than others, be stronger, leap further, and think