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My Academic Life Abroad With the development of globalization, we're seeing an increasing number of people choosing to study in America, especially Chinese students. Today, study abroad represents a lot of possibilities leading to a higher education. More students have found that studying abroad has many additional benefits, whether they are choosing to focus their area of study on the foreign language or something different. As for me, during the two years studying in China, I found that the education there cannot satisfy me. Therefore I have sailed the seas and come to America to attend a one-year exchange program. There are lots of reasons to explain why I chose the US and SIU, I want to illustrate the importance of reasons. Besides, I’d like to talk about my future plans. First of all, America is the most advanced country in the world. I will be able to experience the top-advanced technology and ideas. America also has top universities as well as education which means it can offer you qualified degrees. Here I can meet world-class masters and listen to them at close distance while I can’t have that chance at another place. The major reason that I chose to study here is that the experience can make my degree more valuable and enhance employment opportunity. Second, I can have a wonderful adventure to a whole new world. America is a melting pot of people from all over the world. It has been said that Americans are hospitable, friendly, kind and generous. I am willing to make friends with local people. Through feeling American culture, I can widen my horizon and increase my knowledge. Furthermore, the lessons learned co-existing and living with others from all over the world are priceless. Last but not least, study abroad gives me the opportunity to break out of my academic routine. Study abroad is likely to be different from what I am used to doing as a student in China. I can have access to an entirely new academic system and I can have the chance to take courses not offered on my home campus. Moreover, I can learn lots of things that my original classroom cannot offer. Finally, study abroad is the optimal way to learn a language. There is no better and more effective way to learn a language than to stay in a culture that speaks the language you are learning. You're surrounded by the language on a daily basis and are seeing and hearing it from the native speakers. Language learning happens most quickly under these circumstances. The major reason why I came to SIU is that my college has cooperation with SIU which means I can get high scholarship. Besides, living in Carbondale can save a lot of money because the living expenses including house rent, food and clothes are very cheap comparing with big city like Chicago. Also Carbondale is a pleasant city with its beautiful forests and lakes. The city gives me a feeling of tranquility other than fickleness. Comparing Carbondale with big city, it has a good environment and transportation. Nowadays, people would not just think a lot of comprehensive strength of the universities, they also regard major strength as a very important part. Because people are often more likely to find a good job if he/she graduates from a university that the major ranks really high. My major finance for SIU is pretty good, so I chose SIU for its strength of my major.