Essay on Lincoln: American Civil War and Lincoln 16 th President

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Presidents you need to know:

1. Andrew Johnson
17th president of the US (democrat)
Vice president of Abraham Lincoln
1st president to become impeached
President during reconstruction era
Wanted the South back into the union
2. Abraham Lincoln
16th president of the United States (republican)
Sought to end slavery and preserve the union
First president to be assassinated
3. Ulysses S. Grant
18th president of the United States (republican)
Union General
Signed civil rights act of 1875
Major hero during Civil War
4. James Buchanan
15th president of the United States (democratic)
Became lifelong bachelor
Only president from Pennsylvania
5. John Tyler
10th president of the United States
Southern Whig governor and senator from VA
1st VP to be elevated to office by death of predecessor
6. Zachary Taylor
12th president of the United States
Led troops in Texas during War with Mexico
Died 15 months into term
Wanted California and Utah to apply for statehood
7. James K Polk
11th president
Believed strongly in Manifest Destiny
Acquired Oregon and seized California in the Mexican War
8. William Henry Harrison
9th president (whig)
1st president to die in office
National hero after the battle of Tippecanoe.
9. Franklin Pierce
14th president
“Young America movement”
10. Millard Fillmore
13th president when Taylor died in office.
Signed Compromise of 1850

Terms you need to know:

1. Bear Flag Revolt 1846
California revolt against Mexican rule led by John C. Fremont
Flag had a Grizzly bear to represent California

2. Know-Nothing Party
Opposed to all immigration
Strongly anti-Catholic

North: Urban, industrialized, supported public school and libraries.
South: Rural, more violent. Higher illiteracy rate more inclined to military service. More agricultural.

4. Emancipation Proclamation
Lincoln declared slaves in seceded territories to be free.
Not border union states.

5. Compromise of 1850
Five laws passed that dealt with the issues of slavery.
California entered Union as Free state.
Confrontation between Northern and Southern States.

6. Texas Republic
Independent sovereign nation in North America

7. Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Series of formal political debates between the challengers to be the Illinois senator.
Though Lincoln lost these debates launched him into national prominence, which led him to become president of the US.

8. Confederacy States
Southern states that seceded from the US during the Civil war.

9. Fort Sumter
Where first shots of the Civil war were fired.

10. California Statehood
September 9, 1850 when California became a free state.
11. Dredd Scott case
Slave who sued for his freedom while he was in a free state.
Case unsuccessful since slaves weren’t citizens.

12. Reform Movements
Women and children’s rights.
Temperance movement: Banned alcohol.
Abolitionists: Immediate ban of all slavery.

13. Oregon Trail
Major route Westward.
From there they could go to California/New Mexico/Santa Fe trail.
Most took this trail for farmland.

14. Copperheads
Group of democrats who opposed the civil war.

15. Mormonism
Founded during the second great awakening by Joseph Smith.

16. American Slavery
Commercial slavery
Unit of labor based on race.

17. Radical Republicans
Members of Congress that felt the South needed to make great change in order to be readmitted into the union.
Wanted to destroy the political power of slaveholders and give African American citizenship and voting rights.

18. Reconstruction
Time after Civil War where South was free built and brought back into the union.

19. Gadsden Purchase
Present day New Mexico and Arizona for