Lincoln: Marketing and Lincoln Medical supply Essay

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Lincoln Medical Supply
Joe Rucci
Prof. Shontae Taylor
MKT 312: Marketing Communication

Lincoln Medical Supply
1. Identify the sources of internal and external data for all three (3) types of customers. Internal data sources for retail customers, physician offices and hospitals could include information regarding previous purchases made by each customer type or information regarding any interactions that the company has had with a customer of each of the types. External data sources could be surveys that were conducted with each type, any profile or preference information that was provided by the customers.
2. Explain the types of data Sara should collect from each type of customer. Sara would want to gather as much relevant information as possible from current customer, former customers and prospective customers. Anything that would give insight into the customers’ preferences, needs, consumption patterns and expectations would be useful. This can include everything from a customer’s age, address, and name to what they are purchasing and why. This would enable her to look at the consumer patterns and possibly identify target markets. This would also provide insight into which products/services she should emphasize when she is marketing to each group so she can highlight products/services that are relevant to that customers’ specific needs.
3. Discuss how Sara can meet the goals imposed on her by the marketing group. In order to meet the goals that have been imposed on her, Sara will need to build brand equity for her company, distinguishing them from their competition, while emphasizing their company’s values (consistency, high-quality, and exceptional service.) If she is able to show her customers that the quality, service and consistency which they will receive from using her company over the competition will better satisfy their needs, it will build better brand equity.
She should also ensure that their products/services are convenient to their consumers. Even with high brand equity, if the consumer would have to go excessively out of their way to use the products/services, or would not be able to receive the products/services in a timely manner it may be disadvantageous to the consumer to use their products/services even though there is a high perceived value in their product/services.
4. Describe the kinds of marketing programs that could be developed from the data Sara generates. There are several database driven marketing programs that Sara could employ using the information that she generates. One such program she could employ is permission marketing, where she gains permission from consumers to contact them in regards to products/services that may benefit them. This could be a good marketing program because when permission is granted by a consumer to offer them promotions they typically have a greater response rate. Sara would also be able to look into developing frequency programs which can aid in customer retention and increase the business that a customer does as it will encourage repeat business. The information that she generates will be vital as it can help her determine which incentives would best work with that given consumer type. Offering relevant incentives will help to ensure that the frequency program is used successfully. It would also be possible for Sara to develop a customer relationship management…